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Formula 1

Background: Formula 1 (aka F1) is an international racing series that currently involves ten different teams, each with two drivers. Since its inception in 1950, the number of teams has varied. Some of the teams, formally called “constructors”, are familiar to the general population through their production of commercial cars. These include Ferrari, Mercedes, McLaren, and Renault. Each race is known as a Grand Prix and the location of these races has changed (and will continue to change) over time. Currently in 2020, there are 10 teams in Formula 1 and 17 races in each season.

Determining the winner of the annual series works through a point system. The current system awards points to the top 10 drivers; the closer you finish to first, the more points you receive. The driver with the most points at the end of the season is the world champion.

You can read more about the Grand Prix format here.

1. Driver Comparison

We use different metrics to evaluate if Lewis Hamilton or Fernando Alonso performed at a higher level during the 2007 season. Hamilton triumphed over Alonso since he started towards first more often, drove quicker during the race, and finished in superior positions.

2. Partnership Decision

We take the point of view of a tech company specializing in IT looking to partner with Ferrari or McLaren in the 2018 season. We decided to partner with Ferrari because they won more races, drove quicker, and had better engineering capabilities.